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57 Rybaki St.

  • 57 Rybaki St.
  • ambit 12, plots N°: 229, 230
  • plots of land developed with a 4-storey, basement main building with a built-up area of 374 sqm, usable area of 1396 sqm and a non-  basement, 2-storey annexe with a built-up area of 296 sqm, usable area of 551 sqm
  • owned by the Municipality of Torun (plot N° 229) and the State Treasury (plot N° 230)
  • public utility services in greenery in part of direct fiood risk area
  • admissible: residential development associated exclusively with the primary function
  • area marked with the 9.05.U/ZP6/ZZ symbol (City Council Resolution N° 311/11 of 30 June 2011)


  • buildings connected to the utilities
  • construction and other activities on the monument can only be carried out in agreement with the City Conservation Office
  • the garden is under conservation protection as a historic green
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