Toruń is an excellent place for business. According to the report “Doing Business in Poland 2015” conducted in 18 major Polish cities by the World Bank, our city in on the fourth place of investment attractiveness. The best confirmation of a good climate for business are many examples of companies that have decided to expand their business in our city. Every year one of the biggest Polish dailies “Rzeczpospolita” present a list of 500 largest Polish companies. Among 19 of them that come from the Kujawsko-Pomorskie voivodship, 7 are from Toruń alone.


  1. GK Neuca SA is one of the leaders in the pharmaceutical industry. For 25 years, consistently expanding its core business, which is the sale and distribution of pharmaceuticals. It also offers medical services in their dynamically growing network of health clinics.
  2. TZMO SA Group is a leading manufacturer and supplier of medical products, cosmetic and hygiene products. The international success of the company is confirmed by numerous investments including Germany, Russia and India.
  3. ThyssenKrupp Energostal SA is one of the largest distributors of steel products, nonferrous metals and plastics in Poland. The company has a network of warehouses, branches and affiliates throughout the country and Europe.
  4. National Sugar Company SA (Krajowa Spółka Cukrowa SA) is the eighth largest sugar producer in Europe, whose share in the domestic market reaches 40%. Branch offices are located in five voivodships. It is also the patron of Toruń sport supporting basketball team Hard Gingerbread (Twarde Pierniki).
  5. GK Apator SA is a company with over 100 years of tradition and the current market leader in Central and Eastern Europe market of switchgear and metering. The group currently consists of nine domestic companies and six foreign ones.
  6. Cereal Partners Poland Torun-Pacific Sp. o.o. This company is owned Nestle and General Mills, the largest producer of cereals in Central and Eastern European. Its products are exported to over 40 countries. The company supports Toruń Cycling Club PACIFIC, whose most famous sportsmen is world champion Michał Kwiatkowski.
  7. Nova Trading SA is a modern service centre for stainless steel and aluminum, and one of the most modern machine parks in Europe. The company operates in Toruń for more than 25 years. It currently has offices in four Polish cities as well as in Switzerland and Prague.
  8. Janus SA is a nationwide distributor of alcoholic beverages, which works with more than 300 retail stores throughout the country. It connects manufacturers with the customers ensuring efficient service. The company systematically develops its offer for individual customers and retailers.
  9. Rywal-RHC Sp. o.o. is the largest chain of welding companies in Europe. It works with suppliers from around the world, while creating products under its own brand with a high quality. The company employs more than 700 employees.