A cluster defined by M. Porter is a “geographic concentrations of interconnected companies, specialized suppliers, service providers, businesses operating in related industries and associated institutions (eg universities, standards bodies and trade associations) in particular fields, competing with each other but also cooperating “.

The creation and development of clusters in the region involves a number of events that positively affect the competitiveness and innovation both at the level of single companies and the entire region. From the microeconomic perspective, the main benefit of functioning within the cluster include:

  • increase of productivity through access to specialized factors of production and reduce the cost of access to common resources,
  • external benefits in terms of diffusion of technology and knowledge flows arising from the direct contacts between the representatives of the cluster,
  • possibility of undertaking joint marketing actions or make purchases,
  • the possibility of using enterprises, in particular SMEs, business support offered by the cluster coordinators.

Source: www.mg.gov.pl