Considering the financial framework forms of assistance for employers according to its financial resources, the Agency may offer:

   The organization of internships – allowing unemployed people to acquire practical skills in the workplace without an employment relationship with the employer. The costs of implementing an internship bears entirely the Employment Agency.

–   The organization of intervention works – reimbursement of the costs incurred on remuneration, bonuses and social insurance contributions. In return, the employer hires an unemployed person for a period due to the nature of the aid (from 6 to 18 months) for at least minimum wage.

–   Reimbursement of the costs of equipment of workplaces for existing companies, at amount of 6-times the average monthly wage. In return, the employer is required to maintain created workplace for a period of 2 years for full-time employees, hired from the register of County Employment Agency.

Other labour market measures aimed at employers are for example:

–        A grant for the creation of teleworking work place – it is a benefit for the employer in an amount not higher than 6 times of the minimum wage for the creation of telework work place for unemployed parents returning to the labour market.

–        The activation provision – may be granted to employers for employing full-time an unemployed parent returning to work after a break related to child upbringing or the unemployed who takes care of dependent persons, who during the three years prior to the registration at the employment agency as unemployed resigned employment or other gainful activity due to the necessity of raising a child or caring for a person dependent.

–        internship voucher – internship organized within the assigned voucher is implemented on the same basis as ordinary internship. An employer who will take on an unemployed person for a 6 month internship, and then employ for a further 6 months, after its completion receives a bonus in the amount 1500 zł.

–        voucher of employment – at the request of the unemployed may be granted a voucher of employment, which is for the employer a guarantee of the refund part of the cost salaries and social security contributions in connection with employment of the unemployed. The employer within the framework voucher is required of employing an unemployed for 18 months.

–        Loans to create new workplace – a loan to create the workplace is a financial assistance (up to 6 times of the average wage), granted in connection with the creation of jobs and employment in this position directed of an unemployed person. The loan bears interest at a fixed rate per annum of 0.25 rediscount rate accepted by the Polish National Bank.

–        Funds from the National Training Fund – from the National Employment Fund may be financed actions for lifelong learning employers and employees, amounting to 80% of costs incurred no more than 300% of average earnings. In the case of microenterprises 100% of the cost, but not more than 300% of average earnings.

–        Reimbursement of costs incurred for the social insurance of unemployed people under 30 years old – is an instrument of support for employers who employ directed by the agency unemployed person under 30 years of age undertaking an employment for the first time. Reimbursement granted for a period up to 12 months in the amount of not more than half of the minimum wage.

–        Support for maintaining the employment of people over 50 years of age – wage subsidies for employment of the unemployed who has completed 50 years of age are entitled to an amount not exceeding half the minimum salary per month for 12 months. In the case of an unemployed, who graduated 50 years and has not completed 60 years or 24 months. In the case of an unemployed, who graduated 60 years.