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The Central Register and Information of Business Activity (CEIDG, in Polish: Centralna Ewidencja i Informacja o Działalności Gospodarczej), has been operating from the January 01, 2012 in ICT-based system by the proper minister of the economy.
The entrepreneur who is a natural person to take up a business activity shall submit an application for entry in the register of business activity.
The entrepreneur may take up a business activity on the day of the application for registration.
An entry shall be made not later than the next working day after the date of submission to the CEIDG the correct application.
Together with the application for registration of the CEIDG consists of statement sentences-to the person to whom the entry relates to-prohibitions, under pain of criminal prosecution for making a false statement. The entrepreneur has the right to determine the later day of commencing a business activity than the day of submission of the application in the application for entry into the CEIDG.